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Introducing Blog Runner


I've published a few posts so far about the tech behind this blog (like these posts on Jekyll, and this post on incorporating the blog into my build process)

Tech Skills For The Modern Entrepreneur


A recent trend in the world of outdoor adventuring is the idea of Ultralight Backpacking. It's the art of venturing into the unknown with the barest of essentials, maximizing the usefulness of every piece of one&

Workflow 1 The Past


It used to be (in what some might be tempted to call the Good 'Ol Days) that all it took to start developing for the web was an index.html file. Then we started getting fancy: maybe we need a separate stylesheet, how about some external JavaScript, maybe some extra asset

Blog Tech 2


Last time we covered blog tech (in Blog Tech pt. 1), we outlined how to use Jekyll to create a blog by 'baking' static files formatted according to certain conventions into a blog that doesn't need a database to retrieve d

Learn To Be Useful


An English Lit teacher of mine once told me that every great essay started with a contentious statement. So here goes mine: Thomas the Tank Engine is the coolest, most inspirational children's TV show on the air. Now, I'll admit that I've missed the last fe

On Trust


Trust is tricky. Whether it's an organization, an individual, or an abstract system, trust is usually seen as something that's valuable, but difficult to measure. As individuals, we often say we want to be trusted, but tend to shirk the responsibilities required by trust. So we want to be

Mistakes Of Ambition


It's fitting that the post that I finish on the Ides of March happens to be about decision-making, leadership, and how to make mistakes. Please do not assume that I'm advocating for the kind of leadership that calls for stabbings on the steps of the Senate, Roman or otherwise. But trust m

Barleycakes And Water And Weightlifting


Happiness is a tricky thing to pin down. Some folks will tell you happiness happens at the extremes, in moments of indulgence. Some folks will say that hedonism is fleeting, and that real happiness comes from a sense of purpose. Others will say that new experiences are key, while others will say

Specialization Is For Insects


One of my favorite authors of all time is, believe it or not, the source for one of my favorite quotes of all time. It's something of a life motto for me by this point, and any self-described starter (or any human being, as the quote would suggest) in danger of being pigeon-holed would do wel

But Their Overhead Was Low


There are probably too many TED talks on this page, but here's another one anyway. This talk is worth watching or reading, from start to finish. I think Dan makes two great points in t

Blog Tech 1


While most of my posts will deal with more abstract "builds" (businesses, processes, campaigns), this one is more of a how-to on building a blog like this one. This blog is not a WordPress or Drupal site. Those CMSes are nice, as long as you like managing a server filled with dynamic co

Starting From Scratch


They say that breaking up is hard to do, but it's not nearly as difficult as getting something started in the first place. Breakups usually have some momentum behind them already. Some are even inevitable to outside observers. Starting something new, regardless of the undertaking, is almost a

Getting Started


While there's quite a lot to say about the process of getting started (in big things or little things in life... more thoughts on that in a later post), this post is more about what I hope to accomplish with this blog over the next few hundred (thousand?) posts. Realistically, I have the foll